Dometic fridge flame adjustment

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Dometic fridge flame adjustment

View Full Version : Adjust jet? Our Dometic refrigerator DM does not work at high altitude, contacted Dometic and they said to have a propane dealer adjust the jet when going to high altitude, they did not say how to do this.

dometic fridge flame adjustment

I didn't know the jet was adjustable, if so can someone tell me how. Thanks Lee. Welcome to the forum Lee. There is a lot of great information to be found here. Sorry but I cannot help you with the flame adjust on your refer. In fact I have never heard of that.

Hopefully someone here can help.

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Peace Dave. I just checked the parts diagram. Nothing adjustable there. You would need to change the orifice. Thanks, that is what I thought, could not figure out what they were talking about when they said to adjust the jet.

Thoughts on just runnng on electric till you come down in altitude that is if you have it available? How about some form of solar power? I would think that it would work enough to run the frig, even if it was a small system.

Don't know anything about solar, but have spent my spare time the last two days reading about it on the internet.

I think this might be the answer, if I can figure out what I need.

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Since you're going to be there for awhile, why not just go ahead and change the orifice. Lee: I don't mean to hijack your thread, but I have similar concerns both about my LP furnace, water heater and stove, along with my gasoline generator. I guess my question is to everybody else who has already stayed in their Heartland's in the Yellowstone or other high altitude areas: Did your propane appliances work O. OK you have convinced me to change the orifice, contacted Dometic to get a different one.

They say the one in the fridge is the only one that will work, and they don't have any others. They say the problem is propane pressure, have checked that, also had the dealer check it, it is fine. So where do I find a different orifice that will work if the mfg, don't have one. Usually your larger propane dealers will be able to make the change for you. Give them a call and they might have an orifice. Lee You might also check with a mobile service tech of any HVAC shop that deals with propane furnaces.

Twenty years ago I owned an HVAC shop and would convert new natural gas furnaces over to propane to install in rural areas. This was always done with manufacture supplies parts.

My thoughts in this day and age any shop would be hesitant to alter a manufacture supplied item not wanting the responsibility of something happening. I know that from working with the gas guys I did the installsthey do have those orifices that they can drill out. Maybe they can find the proper hole size. The 2nd and 3rd ones are listed for high altitiude. Here is one of my post from last year that you might be interested in.

You can easily make a water column pressure gauge. I made mine 24 inches tall and made hash marks on the board 1 inch apart.

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My tubing is 5 foot long.Heat to Cool In my previous article, I stated that heat drives the entire refrigeration process. It would follow that, if your refrigerator does not get the heat it needs, it will not work. One is the LP liquid propane gas which heats with a flame; the other is using electrical heating elements. Therefore, your refrigerator has a built-in method to test the cooling unit to see if one of the heat sources is not working.

If the refrigerator performs properly on one heat source but not the other, we can deduce that one of the heat sources has a problem. It is quite obvious something is wrong with your LP gas system.

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Following, we will discuss how the LP gas system works so that you, or your favorite RV tech, can get your refrigerator up and running. My next article will cover the opposite scenario with the refrigerator working fine on LP gas, but the electric heat source does not function properly.

Overview of LP Gas System The liquid propane LP gas system consists of a tank to hold the LP, a regulator to control the gas pressure and a burner to heat the refrigerator cooling unit. The boiler housing contains the flue chimney for the gas flame, and inside the flue is a part called the baffle. The purpose of the boiler housing is to contain insulation that keeps the heat on the boiler process tube.

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LP Gas Flame There are two states for the gas flame, off or on. If the gas flame does not light, one of the elements for the fire triangle is not present, that is either oxygen, fuel, or ignition is not present. We start off by hoping that oxygen is present; otherwise, you will have another set of problems not covered by this article.

If there is 12 volts present at the gas valve and there is not an audible click from the gas valve, the valve may need replacing. The igniter should be adjusted according to the service manual in order to ignite the gas flame properly. If your gas valve is opening and you have an arc, the gas pressure should be tested next. Troubleshoot LP Gas Regulator Naturally, a good supply of fuel is critical for the function of your refrigerator.

The LP gas regulator keeps the gas at a constant pressure throughout your RV. If the regulator has a problem, your fridge will not work on LP gas properly. So how do you test your regulator? First, you have to have an instrument that measures the gas pressure. This instrument is called a manometer.

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The specified pressure is 11 inches of water column, but I have seen a published acceptable pressure range from 9. I set my regulator to exactly 11 inches of water column. That is, the LP gas pressure in your LP gas plumbing should be able to push the water within a manometer to a total height of 11 inches. If you read 11 inches of water column, jump to the Regulator Load Test section. Tip : Some LP gas regulators are affected by altitude. If your regulator is at one end of the acceptable pressure range given above, it may drift outside of this range when altitude change is taken into account.

Thus, if you are camping at 10, feet of altitude and your fridge is not working, check your LP gas pressure. Adjust Regulator If the pressure is not at 11 inches or within specification, most quality LP gas regulators may be adjusted.

If there is not an adjustment, the regulator needs to be replaced. Referring to the figure above, a drawing shows a typical propane tank with a regulator and attached manometer. Generally but not alwayson the top of the regulator there is a plug that allows you to gain access to the regulator adjustment screw.

Your U-shaped vinyl tube needs to be at least 20 inches tall and you need to mark the center of the tube at 10 inches. Fill water to the inch mark and then attach the manometer to the stove jet. Turn on your propane tank, then go into your RV and turn on the burner that your manometer is on.Keeping your food cold i n your RV isn't a difficult task anymore. Once you learn how to adjust the temperature, your food should remain nice and fresh throughout your RV vacation.

Having fresh food is one way to stay on your healthy lifestyle while you are away from home. Normally there is a little white adjustment handle on one of the fins that does the job for you. To learn all about adjusting the temperature on your Dometic fridge just keep reading. Our article is filled with the information you need to know to have fresh cool food all RV vacation long.

This drips tell you that you need to make the fridge and freezer cooler. Another sign is when you see ice forming in the fridge part of the unit. Now you have to move the temperature control to a warmer setting.

It is not hard to reset the temperature in your Dometic fridge. The temperature control in an RV Dometic fridge should be a little lever that goes up and down on the same fin. You do not want to move it side to side as some people have done.

That movement does nothing to change the temperature inside the fridge. The correct movement is up and down along the same fin.

To remember which direction is cool and which is warm, you can think about up equals north. Going north means colder. Then down equals south and the further south you go, the hotter the temperature gets. You may not get a lot of range when adjusting your RV Dometic fridge. The numbers may only go from 1 to 5.

The trick to finding the right temperature for your food is to remember that the higher numbers indicate the coldest settings. Some people have found that 4 works best for them and keeps their food nice and fresh.The absorption style RV refridgerator is a low maintenance device, but there are some things that you can do to help it do it's job.

The most important thing is to keep it clean and prevent any obstructions in the venting system. When operating in the LPG gas mode, the products of combustion are removed by the flue. After a period of time, soot and rust particles accumulate on the inside surface of the flue.

Road vibrations will loosen these deposits and they crumble and fall to the burner below. The finer particles fall into the burner itself, while the larger pieces remain on top of the burner and cause problems with the flame sensor. As the fine particles build up inside the burner, they alter the burners volume and shape.

This results in an improper flame and affects the heat output of the burner. The flame may look normal, but it is not producing the required amount of heat to operate the cooling unit. It is hard to tell by looking at the flame - a proper flame and a slightly reduced flame will look the same. There is no adjustment that you can make. The orifice should be soaked in alcohol no, NOT Vodka! Replace the orifice if you suspect it is partially blocked after cleaning it. Blow out the burner with compressed air.

Check the gas pressure at the refrigerator gas pressure test port using a manometer. You can build your own manometer for a few dollars see manometer for details and instructions.

If the gas pressure is not 11" w. The BTU input meaning the amount of heat is about the same for the propane flame or the AC heating element by design.

This is because the cooling unit is fabricated to process a certain amount of heat to make the 'cool'. It does not matter to the cooling unit whether this heat comes from a flame or an electric heating element.

The air flow across the back of the refrigerator is also gravity controlled - hot air rises and flows out the roof vent. Cooler air is drawn in through the bottom or side vent to replace this rising air. Any assistance, especially in HOT weather, will help with this heat dissipation.

A fan to move the air need not be a large one to effect a higher efficiency. Also, the addition of sheet metal baffles to direct the moving air through the evaporator fins can be very effective. Use a mirror to look up into the back of the refrigerator compartment. There should be a maximum of one inch clearance between the evaporator coils and the facing wall. If the clearance is more than this then your refrigerator will benefit by the addition of baffles.

How to Adjust the Temperature on a Dometic Refrigerator

It may be necessary to remove the refrigerator to install the baffles, but that is not a hard task to do and may result in a very much improved cooling efficiency. This rising air collects heat from the evaporator fins as it passes by, thus removing heat from the cooling unit.

The RV Refrigerator - basic operation of the absorption type refrigerator. Follow the steps below to determine the cause. For an explanation of how the cooling unit operates see how it works. Testing the Cooling Unit. When the temperatures reach the August highs, your refrigerator is working to capacity.

Home Page.Setting your Dometic refrigerator to the correct temperature prolongs the life of your fresh food and reduces the speed of food spoilage. You might find water drips from your refrigerator if it is set too hot; ice starts to form when the refrigerator is set too cold. Configuring your refrigerator is straightforward using the digital temperature controls.

You might need an aftermarket thermometer if you need to know the precise temperature of your Dometic appliance. The temperature control only lets you set levels of cooling high to low that do not correspond to actual temperatures.

Stop tapping the button when the biggest crystal icon is illuminated. The Dometic refrigerator is now cooling at maximum capacity. Wait at least 24 hours for any temperature changes to take effect.

The refrigerator's motor will run for longer periods of time while it works to reach the new target temperature. Place an aftermarket refrigerator thermometer inside your Dometic appliance for an accurate temperature reading.

dometic fridge flame adjustment

Your refrigerator should be as close as possible to 35 degrees Fahrenheit or 2 degrees Celsius. Adjust the cooling level of the appliance to achieve higher or lower temperatures. Jon Stefansson has been a professional writer since He is currently freelancing as an advertising and web copy writer for several Canadian and American clients.

Stefansson graduated from Staffordshire University, England, with a Bachelor of Arts in broadcast journalism. He has freelanced for several British radio stations as a news reader and sports producer. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Having your refrigerator operate at its ideal temperature keeps your food fresher for longer.

Step 1 Locate the thermometer icon button to the right of the different sized ice crystal icons. Step 2 Tap the thermometer button; the light cycles behind the various ice crystal sizes.

Step 3 Stop tapping the button when the biggest crystal icon is illuminated. Step 4 Wait at least 24 hours for any temperature changes to take effect. Tip Place an aftermarket refrigerator thermometer inside your Dometic appliance for an accurate temperature reading. Dometic: Refrigerator Operating Manual.

Share this article. Jon Stefansson.You may not know that a number of RV refrigerator repair issues can be solved with basic and regular maintenance and some good cleaning. RV refrigerator repair technicians will recommend that you use a wire brush to clean out the main tube, and dunk the orifice in a solution of rubbing alcohol and let it sit for a while.

If you have a yellow or faint orange flame, that means you have a buildup of rust and dust, which can be taken care of with a few bursts from an air compressor. Few RV modifications can have a bigger impact on your overall comfort level than upgrades in the bathroom.

dometic fridge flame adjustment

Aluminum and stainless steel RV sinks can be a bit noisy, especially when confined in a small kitchen area. These types of sinks also do not maintain temperatures for both hot and cold items very long. Some more modern RV sinks…. If you want to compare the benefits of LED and incandescent bulbs, this is the video to watch.

This video takes you step-by-step to quantify the amp draw…. One of the best things about owning an RV is being able to take many of the comforts from home along with you when traveling on vacation. This includes being able to enjoy watching your favorite television shows while relaxing at night after a long day of traveling on the open road, or to check….

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Your RV Refrigerator Part 2 – LP Gas Operation

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dometic fridge flame adjustment

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